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Probably the best resource for game developers. If you have a problem in one of your projects and you don’t know how to solve it, posting it on the forums there is the answer for you. I guarantee you that you will get feedback that will get your problem solved.


Free video tutorials on C++, mathematics, creating a game engine with OpenGL, creating an audio engine with OpenAL, creating a physics engine and many others.

3D Buzz

The most in-depth video tutorials on game programming you will find on the internet. There are tons of free tutorials covering topics ranging from graphics and modelling to game programming. However, not all the tutorials are free.


Free XNA video tutorials for those who are interested in this API. You will also find tutorials on how to build complete games with XNA.

Lots of XNA and DirectX tutorials. The DirectX tutorials are ported on several languages. These tutorials will get you started with game programming in no time.

C++ Tutorial

Very good tutorials on C++. In addition, the website can serve as a reference for the C++ language.

Learn C++

A very good website for beginners who want to learn C++. Lots of helpful tutorials.

Industry Broadcast

Hundreds of audio articles on different aspects of the game industry.

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